Unlock the power of Experimentation

Learn the concepts, steps, and tools needed to develop and validate creative marketing ideas

What you'll learn

This is a foundational course designed to help you and your teams understand the key concepts and processes of experimentation, before moving into more advanced applied topics in future courses

  • Key terms

    Want to know what 'Let's make an EOAP for CRO using a Multi-armed bandit' means!? We've got you covered with an introduction to all the key terms of experimentation.

  • Tips for success

    What makes the largest organisations so good at experimentation? We'll take you through the keys to successful experiments with examples, case studies, and expert tips.

  • Tools & Frameworks

    Ready to start running experiments? We'll take you through the common steps, frameworks, and tools you'll need to get you going.

What you'll get

After completing this course you won't just have watched some videos, you'll have real skills and tools you can use in your current or future roles.

  • Case studies and examples of ways major brands have benefited from experimentation

  • A framework and checklist to design successful experiments and align teams on objectives

  • Expert tips on running experiments, and a template to get started

  • A certificate to publicly promote your new knowledge and skills

What's in the course?

Have a look through the modules below, or enrol for a free preview now

    1. Core Concepts Introduction

    2. Key Experimentation Terms

    3. The Experimentation Layers

    4. Complexity in Experimentation

    5. Types of Experiments

    6. Expert Insights: Choosing Experiments

    7. Reflection

    1. Defining an Experiment

    2. The Experimentation Checklist

    3. Running an Experiment

    4. Experimentation Tools

    5. Free Download: EOAP Template

    6. Expert Insights: Running Experimentation

    7. Reflection

    1. Measuring Success in Experimentation

    2. Experimentation Operating Models

    3. The Experimentation Maturity Scale

    4. Expert Insights: Keys for Succeeding with Experimentation

    5. Reflect

    6. Where to next?

    7. Your Feedback

Peek inside

  • 28 lessons
  • Expert interviews

Meet your guides

Chris Pearce

Lead Strategist at The Lumery

Chris is an insight and data lover who spends his working hours helping some of Australia's biggest companies unearth and validate opportunities that drive positive customer and business outcomes across digital experience and CRM. Chris is passionate about using experimentation as a value-driving engine for businesses to ensure effort is spent in the right areas and the maximum amount of value is realised.

Jason Pallant

Director of Knowledge Enablement at The Lumery

Dr Jason Pallant is Director of Knowledge Enablement at The Lumery and a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University. He has a PhD in Marketing and over a decade experience researching and consulting on delivering exceptional customer experience through technology. As the instructor of these courses, Jason combines his topic expertise with extensive experience teaching postgraduate and professional levels audiences while also drawing on interviews with subject matter experts.

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