Connect with customers on a personal level

Explore the role of personalisation, and why it's so much more than adding names to emails.

What you'll learn

  • Consumer Expectations

    Explore what customers really expect from modern organisations in terms of relevant and personal experiences.

  • Benefits and Components

    Discover how true personalisation can benefit both organisations and customers, while diving into the components that make it all work.

  • Keys to Success

    Explore what successful personalisation really looks like across channels and functions, with expert tips, tools, and frameworks.

What you'll get

After completing this course you won't just have watched some videos, you'll have real skills and tools you can use in your current or future roles.

  • Practical understanding of how personalisation is so much more than a name on an email

  • A framework for how you and your team can design effective personalisations strategies, initiatives, and tactics

  • A capability checklist to measure your team's ability to drive strategies through technology

  • A certificate to publicly promote your new knowledge and skills

Course curriculum

    1. Module Introduction

    2. Expert Insights: Defining Personalisation

    3. Four Components of Personalisation

    4. Personalisation in Marketing

    5. Personalisation in Digital

    6. Personalisation in Sales & Service

    7. Personalisation in Technology

    8. Expert Insights: Applying Personalisation to Your Brand

    9. Module Summary

    1. Module Introduction

    2. Levels of Strategy and Personalisation

    3. Examples of Personalisation Strategies

    4. Customer Expectations of Personalisation

    5. Customer Data and Personalisation

    6. Content and Personalisation

    7. Content Management and Personalisation

    8. Expert Insights: Scaling Personalisation

    9. Module Summary

    1. Module Introduction

    2. The Personalisation Maturity Scale

    3. Personalisation Capabilities

    4. Expert Insights: Personalisation in The Stack

    5. Expert Insights: Common Pitfalls of Personalisation

    6. Expert Insights: How to Get Started with Personalisation

    7. Expert Insights: What is the Future of Personalisation?

    8. Module Summary

    9. Next Steps

    10. Your Feedback

About this course

  • 34 lessons
  • Expert Interviews

Meet your instructors

Emma Egerton

Head of Strategy at The Lumery

Emma believes in unifying business, products and customer needs to create impactful, measurable change. She has championed "the customer" for over a decade in communications, experimentation and marketing; having worked across industries link Retail, Financial Services, Property and Consumer Electronics to drive demand, growth and meaningful customer connections. Emma also lectures in all things CX after hours to support her passion for education within clients and the industry. believe in unifying business, products and customer needs to create impactful, measurable change.

Darshana Patel

Lead Client Partner

Darshana Patel is Lead Client Partner at The Lumery, helping brands better connect with customers through technology. She is an expert in leveraging personalisation across the customer journey having been Customer Strategy Lead. She has extensive history working with enterprise brands to generate consistent demand and growth by blending business strategy with tactical customer outcomes that are back by data and driven by technology.

Jason Pallant

Director of Knowledge Enablement at The Lumery

Dr Jason Pallant is Director of Knowledge Enablement at The Lumery and a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University. He has a PhD in Marketing and over a decade experience researching and consulting on delivering exceptional customer experience through technology. As the instructor of these courses, Jason combines his topic expertise with extensive experience teaching postgraduate and professional levels audiences while also drawing on interviews with subject matter experts.

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